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maps by nik

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The Carl's Jr – Hardee's Line

Results from the 2016 presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Greater Austin Texas metro area.

The Carl's Jr – Hardee's Line

Dot density representation of the referendum on transportation networking companies (ride hailing) held in Austin, Texas in May 2016.

The Carl's Jr – Hardee's Line

Dot density representation of primary votes for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Travis County, Texas.

The Carl's Jr – Hardee's Line

The popularity of the Carl's Jr/Hardee's map spawned requests for a look at the similar phenomenon between the Rally's and Checkers chains.

The Carl's Jr – Hardee's Line

An exploration of the geography behind two different restaurant chains that share the same logo.

Waffle House Locations by Latitude

WaHo density shown as a histogram.

Nobody Lives Here

U.S. Census Blocks (2010) with reported population of zero.

(explore the huge version)

Waffle House by USGS Quad

Atlanta has a lot of Waffle House locations.

Paris Metro Coverage

There's a saying that no point in the city of light is more than 500 meters from a Metro stop.

Endonym Map: Country names in their local languages

A look at the world with country names written in their local languages.

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